National Condom Day Coincides With Valentine’s Day

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National Condom Day Coincides With Valentine’s Day


MIAMI (CBS4) – Love and romance are in the air this Valentine’s Day…but many don’t realize this special day for couples also has another meaning.

It’s also National Condom Day.

That’s right, that well known prophylactic has its very own day, which kicks off National Condom Week, which takes place during national condom month.
“I think it’s a great thing, any type of awareness is great,” Jeleine Fertil told CBS4′s Natalia Zea. She works with the Jackson Health System’s South Florida AIDS Network. She says condom use is up thanks to education. “I think more people are taking charge, using a condom and protecting themselves.”

“When the economy went down, condom sales went up,” says the owner of safer sex store Condom USA, Jane Flaherty. Flaherty believes folks have many reasons to be more careful in the bedroom. “Probably because people are not trying to have babies right now because they can’t afford them.”
We know condoms are important for safe sex, but what about the stigma? Are people still embarrassed to buy condoms or even talk about them?

Flaherty says some are, and some aren’t.

“There’s still some people that are very embarrassed and then there are some people who come in here like they’re at Publix,” said Flaherty.
Mario Beovides has been married 32 years and says talking about condoms and sex was a no-no when he was younger.

“Before you bought them in a pharmacy and you never even let your parents know you had them,” said Benovides.

But things appear to be changing. iPhone apps guide you in the right direction to find them, and even young high schoolers are more frank about condoms- at least with their own gender.

“I think the guys are more open about it, but the girls are more embarrassed, they talk about it with other girls, but not with other guys,” says 14-year-old Catherine Gonzalez.

Medical experts hope that along with love, trust and respect, you will also have safety this Valentine’s Day.

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