10 Ways to turn a Woman on....

1. Let her know you can be trusted, that you are worthy of her respect. Remember she is a Queen.

2. Let her know she is desirable. Women must feel that you desire them, otherwise she will not feel sexy. She needs to feel sexy, so praise her and mean it.

3. Let her know you are interested in her and how she feels. Start with warm kisses and hugs, maybe a little massage. Maybe a little conversation. Let her know you are interested in her and how she is feeling. Take your time, not too fast, not too slow.

4. Set the mood. Massage candles, warmed massage oil is great, or even a cbd massage oil can help her relax and get into the mood. You can try a full body massage or just kiss those special places, whatever your in the mood for and light some candles, everyone looks sexy in candlelight.

5. Oral sex. Gotta have it, without it, forget it. It will only be a matter of time before she finds a real lover. If you have a hard time with this try a water based  flavored lubricant, this will help with taste and lubrication. Or try a piece of miracle fruit, it makes everything taste sweet. Have a dental dam ready, if this applies to you, this also eliminates any taste, except for the latex, most dams now come scented.

6. Clitoral stimulation, all women like this and its easy to find. Stay consistent and make sure she is lubricated. You can even throw an adult toy in there if she is into it.

7. Have the condom ready, if this applies to you. This shows you are responsible and dependable. Also you don't want to interrupt the mood, you have to keep the flow going, takes 30 seconds for a woman to get out of the mood. (you don't need to unwrap condom, just have it handy and know how to open it)

8. Don't talk too much, a woman can be easily distracted, let her know you are enjoying this by your touches and kisses. Listen to her cues, if she says touch me there, then touch her there, etc. Pay attention and make sure she is excited and properly lubricated and turned on before you go for penetration. Have a water based lubricant or a female arousal oil on hand. 

9. Anal stimulation. This does not mean penetration, unless that is her request. You can do this yourself or with an anal toy. Explore and don't be afraid to get a little freaky. You might want to discuss this beforehand and/or ask her permission first.

10. Cuddle, snuggle, hold her and love one another. Repeat.




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