Wet® Naturals™ Gel Lubricant

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Intimacy should be natural…

Formulated especially for women by women, Wet® Naturals™ Beautifully Bare™ is glycerin-free, paraben-free and enriched for your sensual well-being. This formula is both long lasting and luxurious and designed to enhance a woman’s natural moisture. It is recommended for those with sensitive skin. We’ve naturally flavored the clean, clear Beautifully Bare™ formula and kissed it with a touch of sweetness to bring you Sensual Strawberry™. Silky Supreme™ is ultra-moisturizing, leaving you soothingly silky and supple, even under water.

Available in three unique formulas:
Beautifully Bare™, Sensual Strawberry™ and Silky Supreme™.


Wet® Naturals™ Gel Lubricant Water-Based Formula
  • Pure Water Based 
  • Glycerin & Paraben Free 
  • Great For Sensitive Skin 
  • Sensual Strawberry is Lightly Flavored and Scented™
Wet® Naturals™ Gel Lubricant Silicone-Based Formula
  • High Grade Silicone Base
  • Glycerin & Paraben Free 
  • Great Premium Lubricant For Sensitive Skin

Pure Water Based

Pure Water Based

Gentle, clear and formulated to simulate a woman’s natural moisture, these light formulas are the go-to choice for those who are sensitive to irritation.

Glycerin and Paraben Free

Glycerin & Paraben Free

Wet® Naturals™ are free of sugars, glycerin, glycols, parabens, and gluten.


Sensitive Skin


Great For Sensitive Skin

These ultra-light formulas are hypoallergenic and doctor recommended for sensitive skin.



Sensual Strawberry™ is Lightly Flavored and Scented

With a delicate natural strawberry flavor and scent, Sensual Strawberry™ is our lightest flavor and just has a hint of sweetness even though it is sugar-free.

One Popular Size!

Wet® Naturals™ Gel Lubricant is available in one popular size and three unique formulas.





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