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SPRING IS ALMOST HERE AND THE RABBITS ARE HOPPING AGAINHERE! The Ivibe Rabbit has a clitoral stimulator that gently vibrates while the head rotates and pleasure pearls on the vibrator shaft swirl. The head on the Ivibe Rabbit vibrator pivots right to left and front to back.The IVibe Rabbit Vibrator offers control that other sex toys simply don't have. You can vary the speed and intensity of vibration, and you can use it in the bath, since this vibrator is completely waterproof. One of our most popular vibrators is the iVibe Rabbit with its three different pleasure modes and sensitive,...

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[caption id="attachment_749" align="aligncenter" width="611"] Endurance Flavored condoms 3pks[/caption] Condoms are an essential item for any individual that enjoys a healthy sex life. These flavored and lubricated condoms help you to enjoy all aspects of sexual intimacy while practicing safer sex habits. This product contains natural rubber latex. Endurance Flavored Condoms-3 pack Taste the difference a little flavor adds with the Endurance Flavored Condoms 3 Pack . Enjoy the fun a little flavor adds to your night of oral pleasures. This product contains rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions and condoms are lubricated. Available in Flavors such as: Strawberry,Cherry,Spearmint,Banana,Vanilla and...

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