Condom - USA Sex Education Class -October 16  2014 - Condom-USA

Condom - USA Sex Education Class -October 16 2014

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Topic: "Lets Talk About Sex Baby"




What is Condom USA?

Condom-USA is a unique condom and adult toys supplier servicing South Florida for over 20+ years, located in the Coconut Grove area, just minutes away from downtown Miami. Our main goal is to provide each individual the tools to enjoy a satisfying, yet safe environment for all sexual encounters. With these goals in mind we are proud to ship a full line of trusted names in condoms and sexual enhancers throughout the United States and abroad to promote safer and healthier sex for all! We have become more than just a novelty store, we are a resource for the community promoting a safer sex environment. We are the only store to do so in this community.

And you give Sex Ed classes?

Yes! We will begin this unique Miami endeavor where we will instruct Sexual Education classes and workshops in October of 2014. The request by the community was too great not to! Condom-USA Sexual Education classes will be an accessible, community-driven, crowd sourced form of entertaining education. One day of every month, we will host a Sexual Education class given by a sexpert or a sexual enthusiast because knowledge is power and we all need sexual power!

Condom USA Sex Education lessons and workshops provide a safe, entertaining environment where  straight, LGBTQ and people of all genders and sexualities, individually, couples, and/or groups, come to meet and discuss sexual topics in an  environment free of discrimination, harassment, and intolerance. You must be over 18 to come to the workshops or lessons.   We ask that you leave all judgments at home and enter with an open mind. We have the right to escort and remove anyone out of the premises who displays any unwarranted discrimination, judgments, negativity and harassments of any kind… and we mean it! We don’t tolerate bs!

Workshops are conducted by either staff or local instructors. Workshops are added on a monthly basis, so check our website or come by the shop for up to date information. Instructors, class times, and class dates are subject to change. If a change is made students will be contacted individually. Advanced registration is necessary for all workshops and classes. Please register online.
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