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Entice Her, the erotic couple's game, makes her the center of attention. Pamper her, spoil her and entice her. This game is a great gift for her because it focuses on everything she loves: sweet surprises, delicious treats, relaxing caresses, long massages, and of course, lovemaking.

The Entice Her Game is a board game. She'll roll the dice and land on different spaces that say either, "Pamper Her," "Spoil Her," or "Entice Her." When she lands on a space, you draw the corresponding card from the deck.

Pamper Her äóñ This card will direct you to relax or surprise your partner. Sample cards: "Give her a slow 15-minute back rub with oil or lotion." "Buy her a card this week and write at least a paragraph telling her why you love her." You can read your card aloud, or keep it a secret and remember to do it later that week.

Spoil Her äóñ This card directs you to do something that will reward her simply for being her. Sample cards: "All week long, at least once a day, give her a sincere compliment or whisper sweet nothings in her ear." "Touch your lover's body in any way that she wants."

Entice Her äóñ This card makes things hot and sexy. Sample cards: "Reserve at least one hour to please your lover in any way that she likes." ""Let her set the tone for your next lovemaking session. Fast and frantic or slow and leisurely."

We think Entice Her is a wonderful game to focus on your lady and her pleasure. You can also bend the rules and take turns rolling the diceäóîhe'll enjoy all of these treats too!






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