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Entice Him, the erotic couple's game, makes him the center of attention. Pamper him, spoil him and entice him. This game is a great gift for him because it focuses on everything he loves: sweet surprises, delicious treats, relaxing caresses, long massages, and of course, lovemaking.

The Entice Him Game is a board game. He'll roll the dice and land on different spaces that say either, "Pamper Him," "Spoil Him," or "Entice Him." When he lands on a space, you draw the corresponding card from the deck.

Pamper Him äóñ This card will direct you to relax or surprise your partner. Sample cards: "Give him a slow 15-minute back rub with oil or lotion." "Place a simple and inexpensive surprise on his pillow one night this week before he goes to bed." You can read your card aloud, or keep it a secret and remember to do it later that week.

Spoil Him äóñ This card directs you to do something that will reward him simply for being him. Sample cards: "Drop your man a hint! Read him a hot passage from a sexy novel or magazine." "Touch your lover's body in any way that he wants."

Entice Him äóñ This card makes things hot and sexy. Sample cards: "Reserve at least one hour to please your lover in any way that he likes." ""Get him to confess a secret fantasy, then be the lover to act it out."

We think Entice Him is a wonderful game to focus on your man and his pleasure. You can also bend the rules and take turns rolling the diceäóîshe'll enjoy all of these treats too!






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