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Sportsheets Leather Couture Harness Slip on this finely crafted leather harness and enjoy strap-on sex with style! Reinforced white stitching provides an attractive contrast against the black leather, and a snap-front dildo pad makes switching out dildos easy.Three way adjustable straps fit up to 60 inches hips, and padded backing ensures a comfortable fit. An extra attachment is included for larger dildos, enabling you to enjoy almost any flared-base sex toy with this dynamic harness. Color: Black. Type: Harness. Materials: Leather, Metal. Fits Up To: 60 inches Hips. Special Features: Extra Attachment For Larger Dildos Included, Adjustable Straps, Snap Front Dildo Pad. Weighs 15 ounces inside package. Sportsheets Leather Couture Harness from Sportsheets. Sportsheets keeping couples connected. New images added April 1, 2013. Please note the package on this item is changing to a black background. -pink box.


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