Sportsheets Metal O-rings 3 pack

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These O-rings can be used with any flared base dildos on an interchangeable O-ring harness. Use with Sportsheets Plus Strap-onäó»s, Vibrating Black or Purple Velvet Strap-onäó»s, Vibrating Black or Purple Corsette Strap-onäó»s, Heart Strap-on, Latigo Leather Strap-on, Bare As You Dare Strap-on, Vibrating Leather Strap-on, Beginneräó»s Pink Strap-on and Dildo Set, Simply Sexy Strap-on, and the Divine Diva Strap-on. Works with all the Sportsheets Flared Base Dildos.

1.5äó� (3.8cm), 1.75äó� (4.5cm), 2äó� (5cm) welded nickel free metal sized rings

Nickel free metal



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