Tenga Egg - Assorted 6pk

  • $49.99


This Six-pack includes all 6 Tenga Egg Sensations:

EGG WAVY - The continuous wave motion to shake your pleasure.EGG CLICKER - Large and small protrusions that lets you roll with ecstasy.EGG SPIDER - The net-like design gives birth to a distinctive sensation.EGG TWISTER-with super stretchy silicone penis sleeve, with ribbed/swirled/velvety texture.EGG STEPPER-Contains numerous rounded wedges that face up and down for constant stimulation.EGG SILKY-A new variation that's extra soft and realistic to touch.

Simple and pleasure in a whole new way!Attaining maximum pleasure was never this easy!That is the fabulous Tenga Egg ONA-CUP!

Not just a masturbation hole, its a new masterpiece of pleasure!

These EGGS have been created with simplicity and ease of enjoyment and use.

You'll be charmed by the cute and stylish design!It's a true value-priced product.SOLD SINGLE ALSO FOR $10.99  Introduce your penis to a whole new world of pleasure with this entirely different, new-concept product!

Perfect travel toys - pop them in your pocket, or hide them in an egg carton!


Your number one best seller!

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