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The Finger In The Ace Kit

  • $5.99

  • The Finger in the Ace Kit
  • Contains anal numbing lotion and Lube
  • Contains three finger cots (little condoms for your digits)

    Here is a kit for people who might be curious about having a finger up their bum. You know what they say, there are two type of people in this world: Those that are curious about what it feels like to have a finger in their bum and those who know. So, I guess this kit is mostly for the former folks. So, I'll start talking to them.

    Dear People Who Are Curious About Having A Finger Up Your Bum,

    You may be wondering what it is like. Well, it isn't something that you can really have described to you. It is a feeling you have to sorta, you know, feel. So, I suggest that someday you try it out.

    You could buy this kit and take a very measured approach with its little pack of lube, and anal numbing crap, and three little finger covers. That would be really retail-oriented approach to discovery. Or you could just do what everyone else on god's green earth does and just ask your lover. I'm sure he or she will be happy to poke you. Chances are they will probably ask to be poked back. Before you know it, you've crossed over into the world of the unknown. Good for you. Life is one big adventure after another and those adventures usually don't require a small kit of products.

    Your number one best seller!

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