The Stimula- Bottle-shaped Masturbator

  • $49.99

Boys here it is...your dreams have finally come true! What more could you ask for than a pussy and ass masturbator in a flower bottle can. Pop the top up and get ready to rock with the ultimate handheld masturbator! The super-soft flesh inside feel is just like the real thing, only better. The warm, lifelike material wraps tight around your pleasure when you use it. Never mind those other masturbators that leaves you wanting more.Let's have fantastic performance feelings you've never had before. Moreover, When you don't use it, just put the HL-168 on your desk, TV shelf or bath room or some place you like. It can be decorating flower bottle(with plastic flower) in your house.


The Stimula masturbator has a soft and narrow inner design that imitates the inner structure of the human body.

It offers a realistic suction sensation for a deep and strong penetration. Its sake bottle shape discreetly conceals the masturbator and makes transport easy.


Its comfortable plastic is safe and non-toxic for skin.


  • Discreet sake bottle shape
  • Made of ABS TPR plastic
  • Soft and narrow inside
  • Reusable, simply wash, rinse and reuse
  • Non-toxic, safe and comfortable material for the skin
  • Dimensions: 7.3 x 7.3 x 25 cm
  • Package weight: 449 g

Other specifications
1,Avant-garde vase design.
2,Scientific design that mimics the internal structure of the human body
3,Vacuum suction design for deep and powerful penetration.
4,Convenient to carry and great for decoration purposes.
5,(Delicate recreates to hymen) of virginity to restore your early experience of love

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