Flavoured Condoms and Its Benefits

Flavoured Condoms and Its Benefits


Flavoured condoms! You must be wondering why was such a preventive product introduced in the market and for what reason? Well, this was not a sales tactic and it was brought about to boost oral sex. Did you know that oral sex may result in sexually transmitted infections (STIs)? Yes, it can and this was the main reason why flavoured condoms were introduced. Is it safe to use flavoured condoms and if so, how do I use it is what this article will give you an insight into.


Tips to Know About Flavoured Condoms

Here are important points you need to know before getting a pack of flavoured condoms.

  • Always use condoms that perfectly fit you.
  • Check for the expiry date before buying it.
  • Once put on, see if there are any holes in it before inserting it into a vagina.
  • Use a new condom every time you have sex even after one intercourse.

NOTE: Make sure you use a condom every time you decide to have sex. This will prevent you from STIs and avoid the risks of pregnancy.

Are Flavoured Condoms Safe to Use?

Are Flavoured Condoms Safe to Use

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use flavoured condoms. However, keep in mind to note the expiry date. If condoms have expired, there are higher risks that it can break. You wouldn’t want to get into such a condition. Oral sex is part of a cycle of good sex life and considers doing it. Using flavoured condoms can add more pleasure to your wildest sex fantasies.

Can Flavoured Condoms be Used for Vaginal Sex?

Can Flavoured Condoms be Used for Vaginal Sex

Flavoured condoms are meat for oral sex and not vaginal sex. There are different flavours available in the market and the reason why this was introduced was to enhance sexual pleasure for couples and indulge in oral sex. Also, the need to bring out the importance of safe oral sex is on the rise and as a result, flavoured condoms have been advertised.

Here are some reasons why flavoured condoms cannot be used for vaginal sex. 

  • Flavoured condoms contain sugar: This can cause vaginal infections and affect pH levels that can lead to yeast infection.

NOTE: Flavored condoms must be used only orally and do not insert it into the vagina as it causes yeast infection.

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What is the Difference Between Flavoured and Regular Condoms?

Regular and flavoured condoms have specific purposes. Apart from preventing sexually transmitted infections and the spread of sexual diseases, here is what it needs to be used for.

Regular Condoms Flavoured Condoms
Used for vaginal sex Used for only excessive oral sex
Increases sexual pleasure during intercourse Increase sex mood before intercourse

NOTE: Make sure that you have achieved erection before putting on the condom. Also, make sure that you check for the expiry date behind the box.

Types of Condoms

Types of Condoms

There are many different kinds of condoms that are out in the market. After all, sex is a natural phenomenon that can help you live longer. But what’s important is that you engage in safe sex. Here are different types of condoms and its purpose you need to know about.

Types of Condoms Definition
Lubricated Condoms Coated with liquid on the condom, it is used to prevent pain and irritation during sex.
Textured Condoms These are meant to boost sexual pleasure. Well, if you want to boost sex drive, try texture condoms for ultimate sexual intimacy. This includes ribbed and dotted condoms.
Latex & Plastic Condoms Most men use this type. It is one of the most commonly sold condoms in the market and if you are allergic or sensitive, then consider using latex or plastic condoms for safety and pleasure. These condoms can be used for oral sex as well as vaginal sex.
Glowing Condoms This type of condom is used in the dark. It comes in textured as well as normal ones and is used to identify penis erection and insertion in dark environments.

How to Use Flavoured Condoms?

How to Use Condoms

It’s simple! Here is what you need to know if you’re a first-timer. 

Step 1: Remove the condom pack and unseal it.

Step 2: Make sure you identify the right side of the condom, meaning the tip.

Step 3: Make sure you have an erection before putting it on

Step 4: Place it on the tip of the penis and gently roll it down until the end.

NOTE: Make sure the first step before you buy flavoured condoms is that you buy ones that fit you properly.  If it is too big or small it could slip or break.

What is a Female Condom?

Female Condom

Did you know that women can also use condoms? Yes, it is a long plastic pouch that needs to be inserted into the vagina before intercourse. It has flexible rings on both sides that hold it.

How to Use?

Here is how you need to use a female condom. It’s simple and with practice, you will get better. 

Step 1: Squeeze the ring on the closed end of the condom.

Step 2: Gently insert it into the vagina.

Step 3: Keep the end of the ring to hang a little outside the vagina.

NOTE: Apply the condom before having a sexual encounter. Also, the easiest way to put on a female condom is by standing with one leg on a chair.

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The first step to do to before you think of having sex is using a condom, may it be flavoured or dotted. Avoid risks of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by simply putting on a condom. Safety with pleasure needs to hand-in-hand and here are some frequently asked questions that will give you an insight into this topic.

1. Why are condoms dotted?

Condoms that have dots on them have been designed to increase sexual pleasure during intercourse. Avoid using them if you have any skin tear or sensitivity. The penis including vagina has naturally dots in them that are the actual sex stimulants. The same concept has been applied to dotted condoms.

2. How many flavoured condoms are there?

Flavoured condoms consist of six unique flavours that boost oral sexual intimacy. Some of these flavours are chocolate, banana, bubblegum, mint, strawberry and chicken tikka masala. Flavoured condoms must be used only for oral sex and never be inserted into the vagina.

3. What types of condoms make you last in bed?

Lubricated dotted condoms contain a special lubricant called benzocaine that tends to increase sexual pleasure and make you last longer in bed. Make sure you read the content on the box before buying one. Also, check for the expiry to be on the safer side.

4. Can condoms affect periods? 

No condoms do not affect periods. You need to understand that hormones are responsible for a change in menstrual cycle after sex. Condoms do have any content of hormones which makes it safe to use.

5. Why do some condoms cause vaginal burning?

Condoms that are flavoured or scented can cause vaginal burning because it is meant fr oral sex and not vaginal sex. Instead, use a latex dotted condom for better sexual satisfaction.

6. Are thin condoms safe? 

In order to boost genital feeling during intercourse thin condoms were introduced. It is absolutely safe to use thin condoms and improve sexual intimacy. If you are looking for an even intense feeling as though you aren’t putting on a condom, then try extra thin condoms.

7. Do condoms kill sex feel?

Not really! Unlike initially when condoms were first introduced in the market it was meant to avoid STIs and risks of pregnancy. Currently, condom manufacturers have concentrated on building sexual pleasure though it has been worn. Condoms do not kill sex feeling, instead boosts it.

Flavoured condoms can only be used for oral sex and not vaginal sex. Make sure that you check for the expiry date behind the box before getting a pack of condoms. Also, consider using a condom every time you think of sex.

It protects you from sexually transmitted infections and risks of pregnancy. Currently, condom manufacturers have been focusing on pleasure and safety and now you can get yourself a pack of dotted, flavoured or extra thin range of condoms that will bring the best out of you in bed. Thinking of sex? Use a condom and stay safe.

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