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Risks associated with Surgery Complications of anesthesia during surgery Bleeding during and after surgery Formation of blood clots Trauma or injury during surgery Human errors Death Delayed recovery after surgery Respiratory problems after surgery infection skin or clitoral necrosis rupture of the sutures urinary retention vaginal prolapse fistula So what are some alternatives? Well for starters there are amazing people doing amazing products that look and feel like a real vagina, breasts and penis. These products are usually designed by Trans people or Trans owned companies. There are new products coming out everyday, for example these are now available, GENDER...

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There are many ways people get together, from casual hook ups to long term relationships, whatever the circumstances, consent is normal and a necessary part of sex. Consent is when someone gives permission for something. Freedom of choice...Everyone is allowed to make choices about what they do with their body. Think about how your actions might make someone feel and ask first so they have a choice. Respect their choice. When to ask for consent...ALWAYS ask before any type of touch and before things get escalated. Checking in early on like before holding hands builds a foundation of trust and...

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Traumatic spinal cord injury resulting from car accidents, falls, violence or sport-related activities is a common occurrence throughout the world. Spinal cord injuries occur most often to young men in their parenting years. Among the medical challenges facing many of these men is the inability to ejaculate via sexual intercourse. To achieve biological fatherhood, their semen may be retrieved by methods of assisted ejaculation. This paper discusses the use of penile vibratory stimulation in men with spinal cord injury, and includes the topics: patient selection and management; proper placement and timing of stimulation; appropriate use of low-amplitude, high-amplitude or dual...

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         Niacin and Yohimbe increase blood flow to the prostate Increases sensitivity for stronger orgasms Cool and tingling sensation Organic Peppermint Oil Menthol free Water based and condom safe Perfect to use with silicone prostate stimulation toys 1 oz/30 ml   Mojo Niacin and Yohimbe Prostate Stimulating Gel 1 ounce from Intimate Earth. Get it on! Mojo Prostate Stimulating Gel with Niacin and Yohimbe increases sensitivity and pleasure for stronger and longer orgasms. Apply 1 pump to prostate. May take 5 minutes for full effect. Use with your favorite Mojo glide. Latex condom friendly. If irritation occurs, discontinue...

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    F1S™ V2 is the next generation of the ultimate pleasure toy, a penis sleeve created for the thrill-seekers who want to explore optimal satisfaction. F1S™ V2 has double the strength, four uniquely designed program variations, and a softer, more flexible sleeve for a wide range of shapes and sizes. The toy has ten highly sensitive sensors allowing for performance feedback through the LELO app, allowing you to build the most pleasurable set of programs for your ultimate orgasm.   don’t worry, be appy An exclusive F1S app will become available to you when your product is shipped, compatible...

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