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Condom-USA is a unique condom supplier located in sunny Miami, Florida.

The store was Established in 1992 and online since 1998, we have since closed our brick-and-mortar location to focus on our online store and bringing more savings and more customer service to our customers.

Visit our online store at http:/condom-usa.com and check out our blog for the latest info regarding sex, sexuality and sexual health.

Our main goal is to provide each individual the tools to enjoy a satisfying, yet safe environment for all sexual encounters. With these goals in mind, we are proud to ship a full line of trusted names in condoms and sexual enhancers throughout the United States and abroad to promote safer and healthier sex for all!  We have become more than just a novelty store; we are a resource for the community and for a healthier sexual environment for all individuals.  Our intention is to educate people about safer sex and ways and means of preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. 

What makes us different than Amazon or our competitors

We guarantee the privacy of your information. We will not share your email or purchasing information.

We guarantee your product has never been used before in any way, shape or form. We guarantee the latest version of the product you are ordering.

We guarantee the authenticity of each product, we do not sell knock offs or products disguised and or marketed as an existing product.
We will match anyone's pricing, including Amazon, just e mail us a photo of the price you are getting, and we will adjust your order to match it.
We guarantee we will not harass you with emails, phone calls, texts, etc.
We guarantee a person to speak to, or email here in the USA, with any problems or concerns you may have regarding your purchase.
We guarantee privacy a label free package.
Racks are full of different types of condoms, and even better: the staff can help you with the ‘selection’ process, depending on your needs: size, style, texture and, ahem, flavor. Vibrators, lubricants and toys for men and ladies we got them all!!

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