The Masculine and Feminine Within

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The Masculine and Feminine Within

Can we all recognize that there is both Feminine and Masculine energy within each of us? Can we all agree that the feminine and masculine is within each of us? Then lets let people express themselves how they feel. And stop with the judgement, when you feel inclined to judge others harshly, this is a time to look within and ask yourself, why? Why should how someone wants to express themselves upset me, is it because I lack the confidence to express my true self? Or am I afraid of what they will do to me or my loved ones? Why, because of old conditioning and loops created by people in fear. Do you have any proof that this will cause harm to you or your loved ones. Stop and think. Really think, and come from a place of tolerance and understanding, not a place of fear and hatred. If you find yourself in this place of fear and hatred, get help. You are not alone and people do care and will not judge you, but will try to help you love yourself. Its ok to need other people, we are all connected and all one, when one hurts it effects us all one way or another, eventually.

I think that this is a natural evolvement of our species. I believe we are meant to embrace, respect and love all parts of ourselves, be it the masculine, the feminine or both. Both serve purpose for all of us, I don't think we would have these energies if we weren't meant to use them. I see women embracing their masculine energy and men embracing their feminine energy and I find it uplifting and hopeful. Keep on being true to yourself and the world will follow, because TRUTH is real. And realness is recognized and respected, it is what changes things and moves people. It takes confidence sometimes to be who you are and true to yourself and the rest of the world, but think about the alternative, living life as a lie is a miserable existence and one that only punishes you. Don't give anyone that power, it's yours. Own it!

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