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We Asked This Doctor About the Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Anal Sex Written by Stephan Horbelt on April 8, 2021 THANK YOU STEPHAN! 543 users like this.   This post is also available in: Русский Українська In parts of the country where its purchase and ingestion is legal, CBD has become all the rage. Bar and restaurant menus in California feature CBD in certain cocktails and dishes. Here in Los Angeles, for an extra $10 my local coffee shop will add a dose of CBD to my daily doppio espresso over ice. You’ll find it in grooming products, edibles for your pets...

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Can CBD Improve Your Sexual Health? by Ayana Deuriex February 14, 2019 CBD is gaining momentum in the health and wellness arena. Now you can add sexual health to that list. Maybe you suffer from sex-related anxiety or stress. CBD can help you feel more relaxed, which will heighten the enjoyment of the experience with your partner. It may help you feel less self-conscious and less fixated on details that can distract you from the moment. New developments are made every day with CBD.  For example, some companies are adding CBD to sexual aids, such as (read more…)lube, due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties....

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