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ON CHOCOLATE is a chocolate flavored arousal product made with a unique blend of pure essential oils & extracts.  When applied to the clitoris, ON CHOCOLATE creates an exciting sensation that pulsates and vibrates the most sensitive part of her sensual body, and has a delicious chocolaty flavor for her partner to enjoy. ON CHOCOLATE will dramatically heighten a woman's arousal, and most women feel as though they are lubricating MORE! CHOCOLATE FLAVORED FEMALE AROUSAL OIL "Finally, an arousal product that's                     as delicious as it is powerful!" WHAT MAKES ON CHOCOLATE SO...

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Harnesses Harness types The first part of a strap-on setup is the harness, which connects the dildo to the wearer's body, usually in a position similar to that of a male's genitals. A good harness should be sturdy yet comfortable, and is often designed to provide stimulation for the wearer. Many types of harnesses are available, with different features and drawbacks. Some dildos do not need a harness or are built onto one; for these, please see the sections on dildo types and dildo attachment methods below. Two-strap A two-strap harness A 2-strap harness, in its most basic form, is similar to a g-string. One...

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