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A relationship is the interactions and  bond between two or more things, people, animals or places.
A relationship is a bond between two people. (or more if its family or a bunch of friends your referring to in a conversation)

Relationships types are many and varied; the most common relationship between them is knowing the other person or people involved in the relationship. Although this is not always true, a relationship can be with someone you've never met, such as many on the social networking sites  and anonymous relationships like the blood we donate, contributions to food drives, the money we donate to our favored cause on a regular basis. or the business we conduct by internet or telephone. Otherwise, we usually know the other people with whom we have relationships.

Honestly it depends on how you think what a relationship means. If your younger , say in high school, there are boyfriend and girlfriends who say their in a relationship. So they're dating. Their still young so their relationship isn't something serious. If you were out of high school maybe, and were in a dating relationship, it could be taken more serious because with the older age, settling down is more of n option. Then again, there's also a relationship meaning you relate well with someone. For example : me and my younger brother have a strong relationship. That doesn't mean we're dating, it just means we relate and get along well. Actually the origin of the word "relationship" is; "sense of being related," from relation + -ship. Specifically of romantic or sexual relationships.

As I mentioned before though, it all depends on you.

The Relationship we are referring to is specifically of romantic or sexual relationships.

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