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4 Newfound Reasons Why You Should Have Sex More Often


Most people are aware of the health benefits that come with having sex. After all – sex is, in fact, exercise, and everyone can appreciate the fact that burning calories while enjoying sex is like a packaged deal. However, studies suggest that there are even more benefits that come with sex, beyond a healthier heart.


The first, and somewhat surprising, positive effect of sex is a healthier immune system. You see, doctors evaluate immune systems by assessing levels of the antigen immunoglobulin A, or IGa, which can help your body fight infections. IGa is found in saliva and mucosal linings, and it plays a vital role in the body’s immunity. In fact, IGa produces about 75% of the body’s total immunoglobulin.

Evidence connecting higher IGa levels to sex on a regular basis was found in a study conducted at Wilkes University. Participants in the study who had sex once or twice a week had IGa levels that were 30% higher than those participants who were abstinent. Careful though – participants who engaged in very frequent sex (three or more times a week) had IGa levels that were even lower than those who were abstinent. What’s the bottom line? This study proves that regular sex can boost your immunity.

Sex Reduces Pain

During sex, the body produces a hormone called oxytocin. Known as the “love hormone”, oxytocin escalations trigger the release of endorphins, your body’s natural painkillers. Once the endorphins kick in, pain is numbed and you feel better for hours, and sometimes even days, after sex. If you suffer from frequent headaches, arthritis, or other reoccurring pain, remember that the act of sex can reduce your level of pain, thanks to oxytocin.

Where’s the proof? While there have been numerous studies performed on the positive effects of oxytocin, one study proves the connection between sex and pain reduction rather simply. The Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine published results of a study conducted in which participants received oxytocin vapors prior to having their fingers pricked with a needle – results established that their pain thresholds were cut in half. Furthermore, oxytocin helps the body sleep better, so it’s no surprise that sex corresponds with better sleep.

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