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The purpose of this blog is to share, not to judge in anyway. We can all agree that we are sexual beings some more some less some straight some gay and many in between. In today's society we are dealing with many challenges, sexual health and well being are more than likely one of them. Feel free to share your thoughts, questions and words of wisdom. And know that ultimately the decision for your sexual health and well being lies with the decisions and choices you make. Choose to be responsible for your health. Seek out the answers that will help you make the best decisions and share that knowledge here.
Our goal with sex in check is to create healthy choices for each of us. Education and participation from an open, honest and positive outlook on ourselves and others. As sexual beings we must think about what is best for all of us. Each choice we make not only effects ourselves but also others. Lets make healthy choices together.

To inspire people, all people to have a healthy sexual attitude and practice. To end needless suffering and lack of knowledge concerning sex and our bodies. To release people of shame, fear and negativity surrounding themselves and to be free to enjoy our bodies as healthy sexual beings in a loving and positive way.

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