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ID Lubricants - No One Does it Better!

ID Lubricants have been producing and specialising purely in premium high quality ultra long lasting lubricants since 1993, making them the leading manufacturers of a full range of water-based, silicone and anal lube!

ID have consistently won the best-selling award from 2006-2012, coupled with ID Glide as best-selling brand in 2012 (ID Glide is doctor recommended too!)

For a truly smooth, pleasurable and stimulating intimate encounter, there is an ID Lubricant just right for you!

For anything oral try ID Juicy Lube –the number one selling flavored lube in the world because they actually taste exactly as they should. Which flavour would be your favourite?

Best flavored lube for your oral pleasure is what Juicy Lube will bring to your love life! A mouthwatering treat in a variety of flavors for you to enjoy.


Make your sweetie even tastier with mouth-watering I-D Juicy Lube! Just drizzle, massage, or rub this sensual edible lube on, then wet your lips and lick it all up.




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