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Quality  Assurance:

Pjur personal products meet the quality standards of US health authorities. Our products contain ingredients analyzed and tested by independent laboratories and certified to verify safety and condom compatibility. Also, numerous dermatologist test reports affirm skin-friendliness.


• perfect for all skin types

• neutral taste and odor

• non-toxic, safe

Pjur is known for quality without compromise. Whether it concerns the selection of ingredients, production, or delivering products to our customers, it is our highest priority. Our premium personal products are hypoallergenic, latex condom safe, and ideal for daily use.

Pjur Med Natural Glide water based lubricant 100ML/3.4oz

A naturally formulated water based lubricant of the highest quality: pure herbal glycerin gives additional moisture and guarantees long lasting lubrication as well as caring for and protects dry stressed skin.
Dermatologically tested for hyper-sensitive skin. Safe for daily use....


Pjur Med Repair water based lubricant 100ml/3.4oz

~ slippery water-based personal lubricant ~ nature-based ingredients & preservatives ~ made with regenerative hyaluronan ~ paraben free ~ latex condom safe.

Pjur Med Energy Glide 100ml / 3.4oz bottle


 Pjur Med Energy  water based lube is naturally formulated with an invigorating combination of plant extracts from cocoa, ginger and white pepper. Extract from cocoa is stimulating. Valuable antioxidant from ginger and white pepper provide a warming effect and optimize...

Pjur Med Premium Glide 100ml


Especially for people whose skin tends toward hypersensitivity or irritations, we developed our new product “pjur med Premium glide” as an enhancement of our successful range of silicone formulas. All of our silicone products are CE-certified medical products made from...

Pjur Med Clean 100ml / 3.4oz spray bottle


Pjur Med Clean Cleaning Spray Lotion 100ml Bottle For gentle, hygenic, personal cleaning Pjur Med Clean hygiene aids are safe for use on all skin types, sensitive or irritated. And safe for application on alcohol sensitive materials such as latex,...

Pjur Back door relaxing anal glide 100ml

Long-lasting silicone lube designed for men specifically to enhance the pleasure of anal intercourse. Like Pjur AnalyseMe! but with a higher concentration of ingredients. Jojoba extracts help relax the anal sphincter enhancing the experience. Perfect for use in combination with...


Pjur Woman Super concentrated Bodyglide 30ml 1.02oz


 Pjur Woman is created especially for a woman's body. Guaranteed longer lasting, never sticky, and latex condom safe.formulated for women ~ softer formula ~ only a few drops needed ~ long lasting ~ latex safe ~ 20% thinner than Pjur...

Pjur Aqua Water Based 100ml Gel Formula


Pjur Aqua Water Based 100ml Gel Formula is 30% thicker than the regular Pjur Aqua. 100% condom safe and safe for use on all toys. Non-toxic, allergy tested. Easy to clean and non-staining.


Pjur Woman Nude lubricant-3.4oz


Pjur Woman Nude lubricant Living more consciously. PJUR WOMAN NUDE, a neutral water-based lubricant, is a health conscious choice free from additives. It contains no glycerine, parabens, or preservatives and has no odor or taste. Of course, this does not affect..

Pjur My Glide 100ml


Pjur My Glide 100ml Stimulating & Warming Lubricant Water-based personal lubricant designed for women who desire more pleasure.

Pjur Analyse Me! 100ml Glide


Pjur Analyse Me! Relaxing Anal Glide with jojoba silicone lubricant for maximum comfort. ~ for more comfortable anal penetration ~ slippery silicone lubricant with relaxing jojoba ~ long lasting ~ latex condom safe ~ never sticky or tacky



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