Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs (Package Of 3)

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For submissive positioning during S&M play, use the Fetish Fantasy Position Master with Cuffs and explore a range of kinky positions in comfort. Sturdy straps hold your legs firmly in place so they won't tire as things are heating up, while the soft wrist and ankle cuffs with strong Velcro fastening ensures you or your lover won't escape anytime soon.

Not all positions are comfortable to hold for sustained lengths of time, which is where the neck harness on the Fetish Fantasy Position Master really comes into play. Soft and cushioned it gives your head and neck that extra level of support allowing you to focus more on your pleasure and the fun in hand and less on neck ache.

Each of the straps and ankle cuffs adjust quickly and easily with a simple tug, so you control the placement of your legs at any point during play.



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