CBD and what I know, helped my Mother with Cancer

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CBD and what I know, helped my Mother with Cancer

I started experimenting with CBD oil a few years back, around 2016. I was dealing with a distributor in Colorado and was able to have it shipped to Miami. I started with the gummies from Hempbombs/Natures Script. They helped me sleep, so I gave some to my brother, who was suffering with gout and anxiety. He took the whole pack, which was 5 gummies, it knocked him out, but when he woke up he felt much better. There was a bottle of wine involved in that mix too. Anyway, I wanted something more medicinal with less sugar and that's how I started using the oils. At the time I didn't know the difference between CBD isolate and CBD broad spectrum. The CBD oil I was purchasing thru Hemp bombs/Natures Script direct was CBD oil made with isolate, which I now know is 99% CBD, all the plant materials and other benefits are taken out. 


The difference between the isolate and the broad spectrum, in my opionion is that the broad spectrum is something you can take everyday, like a vitamin, it has many health benefits like omega's, chlorophyll, terpenes, etc. but the isolate is ALL CBD, so this is good for disease, like cancer. Which brings me to my Mother who was suffering from anxiety, depression, dementia, liver disease and ovarian cancer. I started her on the gummies, then the oil and what happened in the next 9 monthes was remarkable. I will post her bloodwork so you can see for yourself, however I must also stress that she ate a fairly healthy diet. Not much sugar, lots of greens and salads, but I really believe the reason her cancer markers dropped so dramatically was because of the CBD oil made with isolate. I have no other way to compare other than the cbd oil with isolate was what she was given at the time, I am now taking CBD broad spectrum, I am sampling 4 different lines. I will post my findings and recommendations as soon as I finish the last one I just received from Nuleaf.


We do sell all the products on our site at a discounted price, if you are interested the cbd oil made with isolate is available it is Natures Script. Natures Script and Hemp Bombs are the same company, same oil, just different packaging. One is made for adult market and the other the health food stores, etc. I like the 2000mg the best, it can be expensive but remember you don't have to take everyday. I gave to my Mother maybe once a week and I started off with just the gummies and then a drop or two of the oil, not even a full dosage. She maybe had three bottles total over a 9 month period.


Quick note the CBD with isolate contains NO THC!!! The broad spectrum will have traces, some higher than others. In fact the broad spectrum can range from anywhere, suppose to be less than 3% and it is not heavily regulated, so sometimes you may get more thc than other times, depending on who you are this can be a good thing or a bad thing. I am not recommending one over the other either, in fact I am currently taking CBD broad spectrum and I like it, but what I have noticed is that you really don't know what your getting till you actually try it.

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