CBD and Your Sexual Heath

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CBD and Your Sexual Heath

CBD is currently being used to treat many ailments, the most popular....sleep, pain, anxiety, stress, energy, focus, mood, and immunity. We will be focusing on sexual health and one's sex drive. Everyone is unique, so you need to play around and see what's right for you. When your stressed, anxious, sick or just tired, your libido suffers. Many say sexual energy is also tied to our creative energy, after all sex does create life. Getting adequate sleep, keeping stress levels down, exercising and getting outdoors are all definitely good for helping your libido. CBD can also give you that little nudge you need and supercharge your sex drive and that creative energy.

THC is known to enhance your sensory experience, touch can feel more stimulating and taste is elevated. CBD and THC personal lubricants are our top sellers. You can try a full body massage with CBD and THC topicals. Your body will feel relaxed and soothed. The skin has a ton of cannabinoid receptors. Try a CBD bath bomb before the massage if you are extra stressed, I guarantee this will relax you, be careful though, you don't want to pass out.

  • Relief from chronic sexual pain
  • Eases stress and anxiety
  • Helps with sexual performance
  • Helps with Erectile Dysfunction
  • Assists with natural lubrication
  • Increases sexual sensitivity by increasing blood flow to tissue
  • Increases sex drive
  • Promotes female orgasm



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