Side effects of Marijuana Edibles

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Side effects of Marijuana Edibles

Not all edibles are equal, in fact, no edibles are the same and everyone responds differently. I am going to be completely honest with you, I have been a marijuana user since I was 15 years old and I am now 56. I am an advocate for medical marijuana and I believe everyone has a right to use this amazing plant. BUT edibles can be very dangerous and they need to be regulated more than any other marijuana product on the market today. The fact that they are not regulated means they, the manufacturer of the product, can add any ingredient(s) they like and not have any responsibility to you, the consumer. 

#1 No regulation, no responsibility

#2 Every edible is different, and Every person responds differently

Some of the side effects of edibles are very common....AND that I have personally experienced....

* Extreme paranoia 

* Intrusive thoughts

* Rapid heart rate

* Closing of the back of the throat

Some side effects that others have reported...

* Panic attacks

* Vomiting

* Impaired motor ability

* Disassociation

My advice to you, the consumer is do not try edibles unless you are the one making them and even then you have to be careful. When you smoke marijuana you feel the effects pretty quickly but when you consume it, it can take hours to feel the effects. So take small amounts and give yourself a few hours before taking another bite.

If you want to take edibles for health benefits and no high, take CBD that is made with CBD Isolate, this is all CBD, no THC at all.

My favorite is the one pictured here, it is Full Spectrum CBD. Helps me sleep and reduces anxiety, no high, at least for me.

Be safe, be responsible :)


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