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How to Pick the Best Toys for Female Ejaculation and G-Spot Pleasure



The G-spot is the female prostate, and there are a number of toys that can be used on the P-spot (prostate) for him or the G-spot for her.


When learning to find the landmarks of your magical lady spots, it’s best to feel with your fingers to get a good understanding of your pleasure points and how they change during different stages of arousal.  Sex toys can then be a great way to navigate into deeper sensation for the novice explorer, or to take orgasm to new levels for the experienced adventurer.  The vibration or deep pulsation offered by some adult toys can help to tip you over the edge into ecstatic ejaculatory release.


Here is a guide to G-spot specific toys and how they can enhance your erotic endeavors.  All of the below mentioned toys are made from the safest, nontoxic materials, and are water resistant or waterproof so they won’t short circuit when you squirt!


G-Spot Vibrators


These pleasure massagers are meant to be inserted like dildos, but usually have a special shape that curves up for maximum G-spot stimulation.  They have a variety of pulsations and vibrations to bring you from titillation to ejaculation.


Check out:

  • Gigi G-Spot Vibrator by Lelo
  • Elise 2 by Lelo

Dual Action Vibrators – C-Spot and G-Spot


These double duty toys are designed to tease and tickle both the G-spot and the clitoris—aka the C-spot.   Combination C-spot and G-spot stimulation can be quite powerful, especially if you’re a new adventurer in G-spot exploration--you may be squirting in no time.   The tricky thing with these types of toys is that they don’t necessarily fit every vulva type perfectly for optimum dual vibration.  Women come in all shapes and sizes, but these toys do not (yet).



  • Ina 2 by Lelo
  • We Vibe III


Rabbit Vibrators


Similar to the combo C-spot and G-spot vibrators, rabbits are a two-in-one toy.  They have a rotating shaft for penetration, and a vibrating piece that curves up around the clit.  (Traditionally the vibrating piece was shaped like rabbit ears, hence the name).  There’s a variety of ways these toys can be used, and I’ve found that inserting the curved clitoral stimulator can be very effective for the G-spot as well. With a plethora of pleasure modes, there’s a good chance they’ll have you gushing.


Some favorites:

  • FiFi Rabbit by Je Joue
  • Vanity VR6 by Jopen




The G-spot is the female prostate, and there are a number of toys that can be used on the P-spot (prostate) for him or the G-spot for her.  Made from medical grade stainless steel, theFun Wand by nJoy offers a unique sensation.  It does not vibrate, so it’s a good alternative for those who are easily over-stimulated or just want a different experience.  The G Play by Nexus is called an anal toy but can be just as satisfying as a vaginal G-spot massager.  The G Play also comes in three sizes!  Hopefully this goes without saying, but if you are using toys for multiple purposes, be sure to clean them well!


For You and Your Partner - Couples Sex Toys


All of the above toys can be used solo or in partner play, and there are a few toys for the G-spot specifically made with your partner in mind.  The We Vibe III is unique in that it’s designed to be used during lovemaking and penetration, sending good vibrations to both partners.


The Liberator Wedge is part of Liberator’s innovative line of sexual positioning shapes, and this particular piece is designed to angle his penis right toward the G-spot.  Tip:  The G-spot does not generally respond as well to lots of friction.  Instead, find ways to anchor the penis into this spot and massage by moving your hips and squeezing the pelvic floor muscles.


If the G-spot is unknown territory, know that with patience, the right guidance and time, everyone can have an ecstatic experience of the female prostate.

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