Pure Instinct Perfume Roll-on

 Do you know what pheromones are?  Pheromones are a chemical that we excrete that attracts the opposite sex… the problem is that we excrete it in our sweat.  Well we know as women we have all of the girly, fru fru smelling, deodorizing stuff that we either mask our pheromones, or cover them completely.   You can still have the girly “fru fru” smelling deodorizing stuff… but with pheromones as well!

Pure Instinct is a unisex pheromone-based woodsy, citrus cologne that comes either as a roll-on or wand, and will work with your own chemicals to give you your own unique scent.  Like Celebrities have their own perfumes, you can have your very own scent as well with Pure Instinct.

Dab Pure Instinct on your neck, wrists, and behind your ears, and communicate your desires without saying a word…




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