How to Use Female Condoms

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How to Use Female Condoms

The female condom is one of the most confusing contraceptives on the market. Most people have never heard of it, and those that have, probably haven’t seen one live or have used it. While the female condom can appear to be a bit intimidating, it’s actually a great way for women to take control of their safer sex needs.

Female condoms are made of similar material as standard male condoms. They include a closed ring on one side and an open ring on the other. It is tested to protect women from pregnancy and STI’s including HIV/AIDS. Here’s a picture of the female condom:

Picture of a Female Condom

Using a female condom is fairly easy. Women insert the closed ring end into the vagina, leaving the open end to cover exposed areas. Female Health Company, the makers of the FC2, have put together this easy step by step guide for using the product here (Adobe Acrobat required).

You can also check out this female condoms video and demonstration on how to use the FC2 here.


The FC2 should not be confused with the newly released Female Condom with Teeth which is currently being tested as an anti-rape device. The female condom with teeth includes spikes inside the condom which can be used as a rape prevention device. Here’s pics of the female condom with teeth:

Picture of Female Condom with Teeth Spikes

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the female condom, shop for the newest FC2 female condoms at  Condom -USA here.




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