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Ultimate Cock Ring: Benefits


Some of the benefits the Ultimate Cock Ring can offer include:

Harder, longer-lasting erections

Every man desires hard, long-lasting erections during sexual encounters; however, this is difficult for many men to obtain and/or maintain. The Ultimate Cock Ring helps to solve this problem by safely keeping much of the blood in the penis itself to prolong erection strength.

Control premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a common problem for men, as it effects virtually every man at some point during his life. Cumming too quickly leads to disappointment and frustration on both the man and his partner, and it significantly diminishes the pleasurable experiences of sex. The Ultimate Cock Ring helps men to overcome premature ejaculation, resulting in a lasting, fulfilling sexual experience for both participants.

Heightened male orgasm intensity

Most men enjoy the anticipation and subsequent physical and emotional pleasures which result from an explosive male orgasm; however, the intense stimulation of the penis during intercourse often causes men to lose control and ejaculate before they desire. This situation results in a less pleasurable and intense orgasm for the male. The Ultimate Cock Ring offers men the ability to build up to their orgasm at their own pace; thus, allowing them to achieve a forceful, highly pleasurable orgasm at the moment they desire.

Increased ejaculatory volume

Many men consider a large volume of ejaculatory volume to be a display of their masculinity and virility. And many partners enjoy being on the receiving end of a forceful, high-volume male orgasm. Unfortunately, most men are unable to accomplish this on their own on a consistent basis. The Ultimate Cock Ring helps men to achieve strong, larger-volume orgasms every time, resulting in a spectacular finale to the male sexual experience.

Firmer, fuller erections

During love-making, the penis can become semi-erect, despite the pleasurable sensations of intercourse or fellatio. This is a problem which is common for many men, and can lead to a less than satisfying sexual experience for both partners. The Ultimate Cock Ring can help by allowing men to maintain a firm, fully erect state throughout the entire sexual encounter.

Development of male sexual control

As mentioned before, many men have difficulty controlling their their orgasms. Not only can the Ultimate Cock Ring directly assist men in controlling the speed and quality of their orgasms, but over time, it can help men learn how to do this without the need for a cock ring if that is their desire.

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An effective tourniquet (constriction device) for penis enlargement exercises

Many men are unhappy with their penis size and have taken measures to increase their size through all-natural penis enlargement exercises. A good, all-natural exercise program offers many benefits for men and is something that we recommend for our customers concerned with penis size or penis health. Several of the exercises contained in a typical enlargement exercise program require the use of a tourniquet in order to trap a large portion of the blood in the penis. The Ultimate Cock Ring is a very safe and effective means for doing this, and allows men the ability to free one hand during these types of exercises. This is especially important if the penis is smaller than average, and the use of two hands at the same time inhibits proper execution of the exercises.


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