Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Mini Luv Plug

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Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Mini Luv Plug

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Mini Luv Plug

In my adventure to try out new stuff I reached out to Pipedream I have been lusting after several of their items for quite sometime but either I found things I wanted over the items I was lusting after or the site I shopped didn't offer some of the items. So I was sent a list of categories that needed reviews on some items. I knew nothing about what I was getting til the package arrived on my doorstep. Upon opening my box I found 3 items inside this is the first item I used out of the box. 


I am not big into anal play so when I came across the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Mini Luv Plug, I was hoping it could be a multipurpose item such as a pussy plug as well as a butt plug which is its actual use. I love that it is small and not very intimidating which would work well for beginners. Male or Female bodied you can get use out of this cute anal plug. If you aren't use to using big toys vaginally you can also use this as a pussy plug which is great as well. Being tiny the measurements aren't much either, the box says that the Mini Luv Plug

 is 3.25 inches long I measured it myself and got 3 inches long with 2.5 inches of that being insertable, the diameter is 1.12 inches so it isn't that thick which is great when beginning with a circumference if 3.5 inches. The width of the base is about an inch wide. 
There isn't a enough length for any type of thrusting action if you are into that when it comes to anal play. Since there is a flared base this is safe for anal use with easy removal, please note though NOT to use BIGGER toys before using the Mini Luv Plug. In the base is where you will find the decorative crystal. Being made out of anodized aluminum its solid, hard, sleek and nonporous.Having a tapered head that is on the thin side makes for easy insertion whether it be for anal play or vaginal play. Please note you don't want to just ram this in your tush, take it slow an know that any pain is a sign to stop you shouldn't have pain that is unbearable. Make sure to use plenty of lubrication to help with the ease of insertion. There is absolutely no texture to this wonderful plug
I know some people like to travel with their toys whether it be in business, a mini sexy vacation or meeting up with a partner, I would say that the Luv Plug Mini is pretty travel friendly but know if it is found people will know what it is. 
Material Info :) 
The Mini Luv Plug is made out of anodized aluminum, meaning that it is a solid material that is latex free, hypoallergenic as well as being nonporous. I love that it is nonporous, meaning that it can't soak up the bodily fluids from either your anal cavity or your vagina. Aluminum can be sterilized and I will discuss that later on in the care section of the review. Aluminium toys are great for temperature play. If you like your toys warmed up or cooled down you can do that with this plug. 
To cool it down you can place the Mini Luv Plug into a cup of ice water and let it sit for a few minutes. Do not ever put this plug into the fridge or freezer, think tongue stuck to a pole in the winter time; enough said on that one. Same could happen to your insides if you put this in the freezer or fridge. 
To warm it up place your plug into a hot cup of tap water. You don't every want to put this into the microwave or boiling water to heat up for playtime as it can cause burns!!!! Using the hottest tap water will work fine but make sure you do a temperature test as placing something super hot into the anus or vagina can cause burns. 
I personally just use my Mini Luv Plug right out of the package at room temperature, which is still pretty chilly when inserted which is enough coolness for me. The plug is pretty warm once you pop it out as it easily warms up to your body temperature. 
With simple elegant but not discreet packaging the box is good for storage to a point, like most cardboard boxes it will eventually give way an need replaced. It states on the from of the box that inside is the Fetish Fantasy Series Mini Luv Plug. You can see that there are photos of the Luv Plug all over the box. The only information given for the plug is on the back of the box which states the measurements, what its made out of, its body safe, how to clean and care of the plug. Even though there is very little writing on the box it is still VERY informative which most toy packages are not. Inside you will find a black shiny plastic tray that your Mini Luv Plug rests in. This tray doesn't allow the plug to roll or flop around inside of the box which is a plus to some to me I could careless. If you are worried about people knowing what this item is you will want to store it where no one will find it unless they are being super nosy as it isn't discreet in any way, shape or form. 
Caring & Storing
The Mini Luv Plug is simple and very easy to care for I will list the ways below. 
1.) Antibacterial Toy Cleaner-Spray down let soak for a minute then wipe clean 
2.) Warm/hot water with Antibacterial soap, wash toy super good and rinse thoroughly towel dry or let air dry before storing. 
3.) Toy Wipe/Baby Wipes-You can simply wipe them down with toy wipes or baby wipes for simple clean up. 
4.) Alcohol-You can use alcohol prep pads to wipe down your plug. 
5.) 10% Bleach Solution-This one will sterilize the plug so that you can share it with your partners. 
While the plug is waterproof, I am not sure I would recommend tossing it into a boiling pot of water or tossing it in the dishwasher the reason being I am not 100% sure how the crystal is held into place. If the crystal is held in place with a it can come loose and you will lose the crystal. From what I can tell its molded into place an doesn't seem like it would budge so the choice is yours on submitting it to high temperatures. 
To store you can either get a toy pouch or use the box, being metal you won't have to worry about material reactions with other toys. 
Aluminum is compatible with all lubricants on the market so if you like to use silicone or oil based lubricants you are in the clear to use those types of lubricants on the Luv Plug Mini
My overall experience with the Luv Plug Mini was a success and I found it to be the size I need. It was easy to insert using a good lube, I used Sassy Booty from Sliquid Organics; its a water based lubricant. This was the right size for me not too big and not to small. I did have fear of the base not being wide enough since the plug itself measures in a little over the inch mark in diameter but I didn't have any issues with that. Inserting it vaginally I didn't need to use lube from a bottle as I am naturally lubricated with no issues. Whether you use it for backdoor or vaginal play you don't have to worry about it slipping out like you do with some other plugs on the market. I was worried with the weight that is would easily slip out but it didn't which is a plus in my book. 
Overall I give this a 5/5 
I would like to see a similar plug that vibrates but that isn't a huge need for most. I just simply used my We-Vibe Salsa for clitoral stimulation. I did wear my plug for 20-30 minutes with no discomfort I was up and down walking and everything around the house. I had NO issues with it at all. Only downfall I truly had which isn't a manufacture issue is if you have a big ole booty you can't see the crystal so that takes away from the looks of the plug while in use. 
Thanks to Pipedream Products for sending me the Luv Plug Mini to review free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.
thanks to Sapphire Ray!!




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