Is shaving your coochy healthy?

Is shaving your coochy healthy?

Your hair is actually there for a reason

It's not like your body was all, "Oh, wouldn't it be hilarious if I just sprouted hair in someone's nether regions for no evolutionary purpose? I just want to watch women in bikinis squirm and also for a lot of men to make terrible jokes about bushes." The hair on your vag protects it from bacteria, like a little furry superhero.

And removing your hair is actually kinda bad for your bajingo

No matter what method you use to remove it, you're going to leave micro-tears in your skin that make you more susceptible to infections like streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus, and methicillin resistant staph aureus. 

Pubic Hair Protects Against Chafing During Sex

If you've ever played around with grooming your pubic hair, you might know that sex feels a little different when you have hair compared to the times where you don't.

One of the things pubic hair does for our bodies is protect from chafing.

When your body rubs together with another's, your skin may stick to theirs and cause painful chafing — pubic hair acts as a barrier between the skin that rubs together most during sex.

Pubic Hair Regrowth Can Be Painful

Most women who shave, wax, or pluck will not find this surprising, but pubic hair regrowth can sometimes be painful. Regrowth hurts because of ingrown follicles.

Having stubble in your groin region can be uncomfortable, itchy, and even sometimes downright painful.

Having Pubic Hair Is More Hygienic Than Going Bare

Many women think that it's more hygienic to groom down there, but it's actually the opposite — having pubes is more hygienic than not having them.

If you're concerned about the hair holding onto odors or bacteria, just make sure to practice good hygiene.

The hair is an easy part to clean; it's the labia and folds of skin that are more likely to hold onto odors and bacteria.

Just practice good hygiene habits and your pubic hair will stay pretty. Do not use feminine hygiene products that have chemicals or perfumes, use what nature uses and rinse well with warm water, leave the soap for other parts of the body. The body is miraculous and really knows how to take care of itself, don't get in the way with chemicals and perfumes that actually are bad for you and your vag. :)




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