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Not many of us have the body and stamina we once had in our 20s, but that doesn’t mean sexual pleasure has to be over when you hit 40 (and beyond). Definitely not! And, if you want to know what all the fuss is about when it comes to a rabbit vibrator, and whether you should invest in one,you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve selected our pick of the best vibrators so, rest assured, if it features on our list, then these sex toys will always be worth the price. Not tried a rabbit vibrator before? You’ll soon find out why a...

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  Get "High" 🌿 on Eggs🐣 and Rabbits🐰 ....early for Easter   SPRING IS ALMOST HERE AND THE RABBITS ARE HOPPING AGAINHERE! The Ivibe Rabbit has a clitoral stimulator that gently vibrates while the head rotates and pleasure pearls on the vibrator shaft swirl. The head on the Ivibe Rabbit vibrator pivots right to left and front to back.The IVibe Rabbit Vibrator offers control that other sex toys simply don't have. You can vary the speed and intensity of vibration, and you can use it in the bath, since this vibrator is completely waterproof. One of our most popular vibrators...

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Get in touch with all your pleasure points! With the surging finger-like massage motion of LELO’s WaveMotion™ technology, 12 powerful vibration modes, delicate silicone, and a wider range of intensities, INA WAVE™ 2 rabbit vibrator offers a revolutionary exploration of your body. The most powerful orgasm joins clitoral and G-spot satisfaction in a union that will connect you to your inner goddess. You’re in control of the power and surge you want, as much as your freaky self allows it. WAVEMOTION™ TECHNOLOGY For a thrilling finger-like massage motion on top of its deep, satisfying vibrations. WIDER RANGE OF INTENSITIES Because...

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As part of LELO’s Insignia range of waterproof personal massagers to win Best Product Line for Women at the 2013 AVN Awards, Soraya has quite the reputation to live up to. But far from just satisfying the hype, this dual-action, doubly satisfying beauty sits head and shoulders above the competition in every way as the world’s most positively-reviewed rabbit-style vibe. Award-Winning Performance Soraya’s eight different vibration patterns take advantage of two separately-housed motors to deliver sensational G-spot stimulation while simultaneously massaging the clitoris for what rave reviews refer to as ‘deeply impressive pleasure.’ Easily operated by a simple and convenient...

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