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Do Dildos Hurt? Do Dildos Hurt? Not everyone has experience with sex toys. And those who don’t, oftentimes, have a lot of questions. One question I’ve heard a great deal when selling sex toys to women is, “Do dildos hurt?” And my answer is always, “Yes and no.” which then leads to further questions on my part. For example, is she a virgin, how many partners has she had, how long has it been since she was sexually active? So, I am going to tackle the question, “Do dildos hurt?” in the same way I would if I were counseling...

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  BY  ADAM LINEHAN             “Whoever is jacking off in the guard towers needs to fucking stop, now!” my platoon sergeant yelled. He was standing at the entrance of our tent, rifle in hand. I had never seen him so angry. A few months into our deployment to Afghanistan and masturbation had become an epidemic within our platoon. Guys weren’t just doing it on guard duty, they were doing it in clear view of the Afghan soldiers, who, for obvious reasons, were not happy about it. The next guy caught jacking off in the guard...

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