Self Love Plus from Jimmyjane

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Self Love Plus from Jimmyjane

Self, self, self, it's not all about me, but hey how about a little plus.
For the record some partners are blessed with partners that can fully satisfy their ego.
some are not so lucky, but hey do you want to complain, no, this is when you do it yourself.
Orgasm is the key to every sexual encounter so if you can help yourself to orgasm why not.
For those Partners lucky enough to have Partners that will participate in making sexual encounters successful then we recommend trying our Self+ collection from Jimmyjane.
The Collection include The SELF + JIMMYJANE Vibrating Slimline Massager will weaken your knees and make your body shake with pleasure. This high-end massager is built to last, has a rechargeable battery, and is water-resistant. The slimline massager fits between sheets or in the tub. Use your imagination and enjoy!
Can be used solo or with a partner.
Check out the Finger Vibe  has never been so fun. This takes getting the finger to a new level! Use your fingers in more ways than one with this fabulous Finger Vibe by Blush Novelties.
Can be used solo or with a partner as a plus.
If you or your partner has a penis, try exploring with a C-ring, which, as SELF explained previously, is a ring-shaped sex toy that goes around a penis or dildo to squeeze the shaft or shaft and balls. This restriction brings pleasure to some people. The C-ring we developed with JimmyJane vibrates (not all of them do; it’s about personal preference) and can be worn up or down to stimulate both partners. 
Explore potential intimate health benefits with our SELF + JIMMYJANE Kegel Trainers, a three-piece Kegel trainer kit designed to promote a stronger pelvic floor. Weighted steel balls inside each smooth silicone Kegel trainer create subtle natural vibrations in response to your body’s movements. Get more in touch with your body courtesy of this secret sensual accessory.
Our Bergamot Rose Massage Oil Candle will stimulate your senses and seductively nourish your skin. Once melted, the natural soy wax can be poured directly onto the skin for mind-blowing experimentation. You'll be mesmerized by the enticing notes of sandalwood and cedarwood, sun-warmed bergamot, and fresh florals.
Don't forget the lube...
SELF + JIMMYJANE's premium FDA-cleared Water-Based Lubricant adds some luxurious silkiness to your most intimate experiences. This non-sticky, natural-feeling formula can take your pleasure to new heights—solo or with a partner.




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