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What Men Want in Relationships

What men want in relationships may seem simple. Sex, pizza,beer and sports. All kidding aside, men needs still dig a little deeper. Sometimes it's not always what men want that is important, it's what they need as well. A lot of times a guy really doesn't put much requirements on specific needs when you cross out the obvious. So for women, it can be a bit of a challenge. Much bigger than they think. You can't just fulfill the typical cliche of what men want in relationships, to truly make them happy.

Men want to be independent. You will find a lot of similarities when it comes to women's needs and men in relationships. This is much bigger for guys, because no guy wants their manhood stripped away. Don't control your guy, they don't like it. Even if they're letting you do it. Guys need to be independent.

Don't coddle and smother them. Guys don't want to be smothered, they need their breathing room. Smothering can be calling them too much, or always showing up unannounced. They want to spend time with you, but they don't want to be smothered with it. Let them miss you and reflect on the time spent. They need a little space, and sometimes a bit of guy time. Women don't always understand this, and it doesn't mean they're sick of being around you. It's just how men are. There are things men do, and things women do. Sometimes they need some man time.

Avoid drama. If you ask any guy, this is the number one turn off when it comes with women. They want to avoid drama with all costs. Don't become the kind of person who constantly causes problems, arguments, and act overly sensitive easily. When they do something you don't like, discuss things rationally with them. Also don't be too harsh and expect too much from them. Don't put ridiculous expectations on them, because guys hate that. Have a loose and relaxing attitude with them. They like laid back, not a woman who fills their life with tension.

Pay attention to them and make them feel confident. Men can definitely suffer from being insecure, something women don't always realize. Women may seem more insecure, but I wouldn't say that they are. Women get insecure physically, where guys get insecure mentally. So understand a guys mindset and don't bring them down. Bring confidence into them, and make them feel confident. Also don't shut them out, because guys do need that companionship as well. They need someone they can open up with.

Be cool. Seems pretty simple, but guys like cool. Guys like a woman they can brag about, saying she likes this, and that. When I say cool, don't turn into their mom. They have a mom, they don't need two. Don't be over sensitive, critical, or emotional with them. Don't treat them like they're a baby. Never, ever talk down to them either, especially around people. Be funny around them, and be who you are. Be relaxing around them, you'll push the right buttons with them. This doesn't mean you can't express yourself, and your thoughts to them. You just don't have be intense about it. Guys don't do well with dramatic scenes. Less drama, the more you'll get out of them.

Don't tell them everything they want to hear. Guys can be a bit insecure, but they can quickly grow an ego as well. Don't always tell them the things they want to hear, especially if they're feeling a little too good about themselves. I think women need to help balance a guys mindset. When they're a bit too down, they can say the right things to help boost them back up. Nothing is better than receiving a compliment from a girl you're into. However, if they're getting a bit too full of themselves, you need to back off a little bit. Humble them. Keep them balanced, and don't let them feel they can take you for granted. You can't allow a guy to walk over you, as well. You have to set your own boundaries as well.


For people to experience true love or to find a soul mate, each person has to want to give what the other wants to receive and each person has to want to receive what the other person wants to give.

Once people get over their initial infatuation with someone, they have to ask themselves this question – Can this person give me what I long for? Does he have it in him to give what I want to receive?

If he doesn’t, then you should probably bail, if you’re looking for true love. That’s my way of seeing things. Long-term, it probably won’t work out.

If a woman wants a lot of attention, tenderness, emotional expression and honest communication, then the answer to the question posed at the beginning (do men want love?) is that a lot of men do not want love the way a woman means it.


Ask your partner what his opinion is about the trust level in your relationship, and ask yourself as well. If either of you have a concern about the trust in your relationship, discuss the situation and settle on sensible ways to solve the issue.

Take notice of the questions asked in the relationship. When trust is a concern in a relationship, there are two questions that are usually asked in a sequence: "Where have you been?" and "Why didn't you answer my calls or texts?"

If you are constantly hearing or asking those two questions, there is a chance the trust in your relationship is deficient.
Be trustworthy in the little things. The other person needs to be able to trust you in the little things before he is going to trust you with the big things. If a person cannot trust you to show up on time or remember to do something that you promised to do, why should she trust you with something more important?

Keep the other person's confidence. What a person tells you in a relationship needs to stay in that relationship. If you are a gossip, then you are going to have a hard time building trust.


When a man has the respect of his mate, it actually makes him want to become a better person. When it comes to relationships, feeling respected is a huge issue for most men.
In relationships, most men are easily encouraged. Your approval is a powerful motivator and applying some of these simple steps will yield great results.

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