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How do you define Safer Sex

What Exactly is Safer Sex?

The definition of sex itself can be confusing. To many, sex has long been thought of as only intercourse itself. However, the definition is changing. Medical professionals speak openly about sexual taboos as a whole, and social stigmas about different sexual preferences have gradually lessened. Sexual activity includes everything from kissing to vaginal, anal or digital penetration. And protecting yourself is necessary in every scenario.

“Safer sex” (or “safe sex”) is essentially a misnomer, as the only way to be 100% sure of safety from pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is to be completely abstinent. Sexuality is a fundamental part of the human experience; for many people abstinence is not a viable solution. Safer sex, however, is certainly possible, and responsible individuals will benefit from a proper education.
What Do I Have to Be Afraid Of?

A few decades ago pregnancy was the worst risk for heterosexual couples. Today careless sexual activity can lead to contracting HIV or other STIs that may carry long-term or fatal consequences. Teens and young adults who have just become sexually active face a somewhat germy playing field. Since decision-making in the heat of the moment can be difficult, a thorough understanding of one’s sexual health is necessary before you enter the sexual playground.

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