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The We Vibe Thrill

[caption id="attachment_840" align="aligncenter" width="400"] THE NEW WE VIBE 'THRILL'[/caption]

Guess what? The revolutionary ” THRILL” by We-Vibe is here …..in a nut shell the cute little Vibe provides intense dual stimulation for her c-spot and g-spot. At the touch of one button, its ergonomic design gives her maximum stimulation, comfort and control making me time more exciting than ever.It is Powerful and intense,with a 90-minute recharge and Up to 2 hours of play on a single charge, has 8 vibration modes, and a 1-year warranty…….
Dual stimulation, sublime sensation
Meet the Thrill by We-Vibe™, the revolutionary new vibrator that’s scientifically designed to help women experience complete pleasure. The ergonomic shape works in sync with a woman’s body, providing intense stimulation for her G-spot and clitoris. The control handle lets her enjoy perfect positioning, complete comfort and total control over pace, pressure and friction.

Discover your OMG-spot!

8 thrilling vibration modes

With the touch of a single button, she can choose the vibration mode that matches her mood — from a low-speed rumble to ultra-fast vibrations or a pleasing pattern. Will she choose a gently rolling wave, a pleasurable pulsing or a cheeky cha-cha? Whatever her mood, the Thrill by We-Vibe quietly delivers powerful and intense vibrations.
Low: 3200 rpm
Medium: 3600 rpm
High: 4200 rpm
Ultra: 4800 rpm

Body-safe and eco-friendly
It’s made with 100% body-safe materials, including medical-grade silicone, so she can feel comfortable and confident using the Thrill by We-Vibe. Carbon-neutral manufacturing, a rechargeable battery and recyclable packaging and materials make the Thrill by We-Vibe an eco-friendly choice.

100% Waterproof
The Thrill by We-Vibe is 100% waterproof. There are no openings and no removable parts, making it perfect for use in the shower or bath. Go ahead, immerse yourself in the experience.

Rechargeable and ready to go
With 90-minute rapid recharge and up to 2 hours of play on a single charge, the Thrill by We-Vibe is ready to go when she is. A discreet carry bag, convenient USB charging and easy soap and water clean-up make the Thrill by We-Vibe great for travel too.
The Thrill by We-Vibe USB cable can be connected to a USB port or to any commercially available USB power adapter. In the interest of conservation, a power adapter is not included with your Thrill by We-Vibe as USB power adapters are widely available.

In the box:
• Thrill by We-Vibe
• Charging cap
• USB cable*
• Carry bag

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