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National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) was first observed on June 27, 1995. This day was established as an annual observance to promote HIV testing.

This is a particularly important time for YOU to get involved! Take the Test, Take Control.

national hiv testing3 day

national hiv testing2 day

Should you take the HIV test?

For many people, HIV testing is important because they want to know their HIV status (whether they are infected or not infected with HIV). If they find out that they have HIV they can take steps to remain healthy.

To make the decision to be tested, you need a clear understanding of what the test is and what the results mean. No matter what you decide, having safer sex and safer drug use will reduce the chances for putting yourself or someone else at risk for HIV infection. You can find out more by contacting Condom USA - in person or on the phone a trained Officer will be available on Fridays and Saturdays to answer all your questions.
*No Needles
*Result in approx-20 Mins

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  • Natasha

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