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Back to School with Condom-USA

School will re-open soon.Students/Teenagers are not just faced with Academic problems, there is always sexual problems and they must be educated as to how to deal with these problems.
Parents should also help to assist them in overcoming these hurdles and not be ignorant of the fact that they are learning ''Sexual Education''.
These days teens are experimenting earlier and rushing to grow up, so it is better to have them prepared. If they want to be adults so soon, lets give them an adult education.
Sex education is important regardless of if they are sexually active in their teens or not. Eventually most of them will be doing it, so it is only right that they are prepared for the decisions that face them. If they do not get the sex education in school, where are they going to get it? Most would be far too embarrassed to ask beyond school age, because it would only be assumed that they should already know all about it.

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  • Piitopzii

    Sounds like yeast. You don’t need to be sexually acvtie to get a yeast infection. Go to the store and get a Vagisil Screening Kit. It should pick up the pH balance “down there” and if the levels are high, you have yeast and you can do one of those Monistat kits to get rid of it.Sometimes the balance can just get thrown off down there. I got my first yeast infection after taking a long bubble bath. Antibiotics can cause it, that’s how I got my second one.

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