Lesbian Sex Book-101 Lovemaking Positions by Jude Schell

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JUDE SCHELL's "Lesbian Sex, 101 lovemaking positions" is an international best seller, also published in German, Dutch, Taiwanese (Complex Chinese), and Polish. In Lesbian Sex, Jude recreates the long lost female kama sutra with a modern spin. Position names are inspired by female history, popular culture, and LGBTI lexicon. "The Guide to Lesbian Sex" is Jude's large format book of essays and photography offered as an elegant exploration of female sexuality, from desire to climax, from kink to splosh, from lips to fingers, and more. This lauded book was a finalist for the Foreword Book Award and has been translated into a number of languages worldwide. Recently Random House and Ten Speed Press under Crown's Celestial Arts imprint released Jude's third book, "Her Sweet Spot, 101 sexy ways to find and please it." Wireless readers may find this provocative and entertaining book under its alternate title "More Lesbian Sex, 101 sexy ways to find and please Her Sweet Spot!" This book speaks to all women and anyone interested to better understand the many sexual, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional possibilities of giving and receiving true pleasure.

Jude, her partner of over 17 years, and their greyhound, spend most of their time along the east coast of the USA. Visit www.hersweetspot.com to be the "first to know" as Jude inspires and entices women and their lovers to constantly evolve and pursue betterment in all aspects of their lives. Jude's unique books are indeed, A PROMISE OF PLEASURE!



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