Fox Tail Butt Plug

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  • Butt plug is made of superior stainless steel,safe,nonpoisonous,no odor,easy to clean, and rustless.
  • Size:Butt plug length:3.35 inches,Diameter:1.3 inches .Tail:11-13 inches
  • Stainless steel butt plug can be heated or cooled, which can make you feel the pleasure from both coolness and heat.
  • Suitable for female and male to masturbate, full of sex pleasure.
  • Butt plug is smooth,mellow and full. The front part is tiny,convenient to insert and no damage to skin.


- The highly emulational fox tail has no odour, and fur will never fall off, That's quite soft, comfortable and has quite nice touch feeling.
-The butt plug made of high-quality glass can be used for insertion after being heated or cooled and you can enjoy the extreme joy from the alternative coolness and heat.
-It is the superior fox tail butt plug, the wild cosplay sexual toy. After it is used, he or she will turn to a sexy, lovely and obedient.Enjoy it solo or use it as a perfect couples toy. Enjoy!



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