The Oral Sex Game

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An experience of oral adventures in a box!

If your'e like me then you will know that Oral Sex is not a game. It is a well-rehearsed and well-practiced way of life.

As a person who can tie a cherry stem into a knot in their mouth, I was more than pleased to discover that I had been bought a gift, The Oral Sex Game (not sure if the gift was for me or a gift for them.) Needless to say all remaining activities and plans for the day were cancelled whilst we discovered if each of the 5 different techniques for him and her, worked.
Theres a board-game layout to the entire thing ( so it doesnäó»t feel as seedy as it may sound) and it was quite fun taking turns in rolling the dice to see what would happen to us next. (I say I'm trying to keep it reserved here guys, typing OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING just doesn't look good ya know?) All I'm going to say is that this game is definitely one to spice up the love life, or even just to change things up. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the mouthy side of lifeäó»s pleasures.
The inclusion of WET lubricant made for even more fun, and we healthfully explored the rules and activities (I think we just threw the dice to one side and did what we wanted in the end.) Now excuse me whilst I go and have a nap.;



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