Durex Variety Latex Condoms - Pack 144 Count

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Durex Variety Latex Condoms Pack 144 Count. Durex Adventure pack comes with 3 of Durex's enhanced condoms: 48 Extra Sensitive Smooth Condoms, 48 Extra Sensitive Stimulating Latex Condoms, 48 Preformax Intense Latex Condoms. The Durex Adventure Bulk Condom Pack contains 144 individually wrapped, lubricated, natural latex male condoms. The Durex Adventure Pack features a variety of Durex's most exciting smooth and ribbed condoms. Ribbed Condoms: The Durex Adventure pack contains 48 Durex Extra Sensitive Stimulating Ribbed and Dotted Condoms with tingling lubricant, 48 Durex Performax Intense Ribbed and Dotted Condoms with male climax delay lubricant, and 48 Durex Extra Sensitive Smooth Condoms with extra smooth lubricant. Adventurous Condom Variety Pack: there is no limit to the fun you can have with the Durex Adventure Pack! Explore new sensations all night or day long. These lubricated condoms for men are designed to enhance sex for both you and your partner. Climax Delay Condoms: Durex Performax Intense delay condoms for men contain a desensitizing lubricant to help slow him down and last longer: Benzocaine 5 percent Stimulating Condoms: Durex Extra Sensitive Stimulating condoms feature ribs and dots, plus a tingling lubricant for enhanced pleasure. Durex Extra Sensitive Smooth Condoms with extra ultra smooth lubrication to help heighten the excitement and pleasure. Thin design for enhanced feeling and sensitivity. Offers enhanced sensations due to its thin and soft design, while maintaining the security and protection you would expect from Durex Condoms. Electrically tested. Each Durex Condom is 100% electronically tested and goes through five quality tests.



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