Master Gauge Penis Pump

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  • Advanced hi-tech pump has an easy-to-read built-in pressure gauge
  • Clear vacuum tube with measurements
  • Flexible non-crimping hose
  • Easy-to-use pump handle
  • Soft TPE donut ring for comfort

Brand new design! Hi-tech pump has an easy-to-read built-in gauge, clear vacuum tube with measures, flexible non-crimping hose, easy-to-use pumper handle, jelly soft donut ring for comfort, and a quick release valve for maximum results. For the most precise pumping possible, the Master Gauge Pump lets you see the exact pressure inside so you can repeat the perfect amount any time you like. Recommended by the American Pumpers Association, you'll also be able to see just how much bigger you're getting as you pump, with graduated measurements along the side of the clear cylinder. A easy to grip pumper handle means you only need one hand to use this great tool, and the flexible hose won't kink or crimp. Finally, a super soft jelly TPE donut ring around the base of the cylinder provides an airtight seal that feels great as well. Cylinder is a full 8 inches long. Use a good rubber friendly lube with the pump to make things even better.



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