Quad Dinger-Super Quad Vibrating Ring

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Electrify Your Sex Life!

How Much Pleasure Can You Handle?

  • Snug & Gentle Gel Ring
  • Satisfaction Ticklers for Her
  • Extra Motor Promotes Clitoral Stimulation
  • All 4 Motors Include Easy ON/OFF Switch Functions
  • All 4 Motors Include Pleasure Nubbies for His & Her Stimulation
  • 4 Powerful Motors for 4 Times the Pleasure!
  • Clitoral/Anal Stimulator
  • One Size Fits All
  • Multi Orgasmic

Testicle Teaser Stretchy Band Fits Any Man!
Get ready for the ultimate in erotic stimulation with the new Quad Humm Dinger from Hott Products!ξ Never before has the power of the vibrating pleasure ring been brought to it's ultimate potential by the exhilarating power of not 1... but 4 motors!ξ Will you and your partner be up to the challenge?ξ ind out when you start off with the flick of the switch of 1... then 2... then 3... and ultimately 4... yess 4 powerful motors!ξ Which will give you an electrifying experience that will have you both "coming" back for more!ξ Place ring at base of penis, turn on switch, enjoy!

Batteries included.

Designed in the USA made in China.



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