Nü Sensuelle Petite Egg Remote Control Love Egg

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Nü Sensuelle Petite Egg Remote Control Love Egg

Having used kegel exercisers in the past and finding them more of a training exercise than a pleasure trip, my partner and I decided to find something a little bit more pleasurable, and started to look for vibrating eggs instead. There are so so many to choose from that we ended up giving up and instead visiting a store to see what they had on display. It’s so much easier in person to decide whether or not something is strong enough for this power queen!

Lelo have some nice vibrating eggs but they can easily tip £140, and although my partner and I wanted something fairly decent, they were definitely out of our price range. (If you want to take a look at something interesting though – click here to see the Lelo Hula Beads! We may purchase these in the future!) There were a few which were lower end and battery powered, but these ones lacked the power. The only ones which impressed us power-wise were unfortunately on a wire, such as the Colt Turbo Egg and the Basix Jelly Egg, but these weren’t wireless for what we had in mind!

We finally settled on today’s beauty, the Nü Sensuelle Petite Egg. Being blatantly honest, we were put off at first as we had some less-than-desirable toy encounters with Nu back in the day. However, disregard that right away as the new Sensuelle range really is light-years away from the old plastic Nü toys of days gone by. According to one of the staff in the store, the company went away for a while to come back with something better than ever and right some of the wrongs of their old plastic buddies. Let me tell you first-hand that they have done an absolute stellar job.

Review by Lizzy

Upon first inspection, the new packaging is nice and robust, the little bit of rose-gold foil always adds a little class. Sometimes I wonder if in 5 or 10 years time we’ll look back on this little rose-gold epidemic and say it looked awful. There’s been plenty of styles in the past we no longer find acceptable! Although double-denim made a comeback recently didn’t it? Anyway, I digress. Take a look at the packaging below!

Nu Sensuelle Petite Egg Packaging
Nu Sensuelle Petite Egg

It is a strange kind of wrap-around box which unfortunately cannot be reused for something else (you know I love my boxes!) However the toy does come with a satin storage bag so you can keep it fresh. Upon opening the wrap-box, I did have to laugh a little bit as the inside looked a little anti-climactic. Take a look below.dsc_0023

Lifting up the little white plastic piece, you get one set of instructions, one satin bag as mentioned and a charging cable. You’ll be just as happy to learn as I, that there’s just the one charging cable for the both. I am almost up to my eyeballs in different charging cables nowadays and that was a welcome surprise. The only negative aspect to this is having to charge your remote and then your egg separately. I wish they could come out with some sort of split charger. dsc_0024

Both the egg and the remote control are quite small which I’m very happy about. The remote fits snugly and ergonomically in the hand and has the option to also vibrate. This would make this toy perfect for solo or couple’s use, as the egg can go inside the vagina and the remote control can be used on the clit.

There are 15 different functions and you can cycle through them easily using the middle button the remote, and you can increase or decrease the speed using the + and – buttons. Completely submersible as seen on the front of the box so can even be used in the bath. You get a 1 year warranty and the remote and egg can communicate for up to 30ft away.

Extremely powerful and low to medium noise. We were planning on playing outdoors with it but as it’s not quite as quiet as we’d like so we’re a bit scared to try. If you’re the type of person who enjoys going to gigs and the like then this would be perfect to play with in a crowd but if you were expecting to play with it at a sit-down meal, unless the place was packed it may just be a bit too loud. dsc_0027.jpg

Overall we absolutely love this toy, it’s petite, SUPER powerful and has plenty of different features to enjoy. The hand-held remote can be used for testicular or penile stimulation also. Knowing now that there is also a cock ring, butt plug, mini vibrator and panty vibrator, we may get a bit of a collection going!



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