What you need to know about Flavored Condoms

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What you need to know about Flavored Condoms

Your Guide to Flavored Condoms

We get it. No one likes tasting latex. But are you taking proper precautions to prevent the spread of STDs through oral sex? You put yourself at risk every time you go down on someone. Flavored condoms are a safer way of engaging in oral sex.

STD rates are increasing

According to the CDC, gonorrhea diagnoses in the United States increased by 67 percent from 2013-2017, nearly doubling for men and steadily increasing among women as well. Syphilis diagnoses increased by 76%, and men who have sex with men made up 70% of the 2017 cases where the gender of the sex partner was known. Finally, more than 1.7 million cases of chlamydia were diagnosed in 2017. 45% of the cases were 15-24 year old females. It’s time to bring sexy back, safely.

Can I sit on it after I spit on it?

Some flavored condoms are also made for anal or vaginal penetration. Some are specifically made for oral sex. This is dependent on the ingredients used in the flavored condom and how they are applied. Keep in mind that everyone’s body is different. Your partner’s vagina or anus may react negatively to the additional ingredients found in certain flavored condoms. It is generally best to use flavored condoms for oral and use another condom for penetrative sex. If you’re using your own condom and adding a flavored lube to it, make sure your lube is safe for internal use.

As always, double-check that the condom has not been damaged before using it for penetrative sex. If you choose to use the same condom when transitioning from oral to anal/vaginal, remember whose saliva is on the condom. If you are okay with exposing yourself to your own saliva, that’s great. If someone else’s mouth was on the condom, it is good to switch condoms before putting them inside you.

And for the love of God, do not suck a condom that has been inside someone’s anus or vagina.

Oral -> vaginal/anal = fine.

Vaginal/anal-> oral = bad.

I have a vagina; what do I use to receive oral sex?

Ask your partner to use a dental dam on you. In a pinch, you can DIY by cutting open a condom or latex glove. Another option is buying dental dams beforehand in anticipation for your sex session. Dental dams are also effective for anilingus! You can even add food to your side of the dental dam to make your partner's genitals taste even more delicious. Make sure to read the next point if you do this.

He loves when I grapefruit him.

Some foods can damage latex condoms! Stay away from using oil-based foods in the bedroom. Do your research to make sure that the foods you’re using are safe.

I tried a flavored condom; the taste sucked more than I did.

Try new ones! Read reviews. Every company’s offerings are different. If you find a flavored lube you enjoy, add them to your own condoms. Make sure that the lube you use is compatible with the condom you’re using.

My sex buddy will be annoyed that I want to use condoms.

Not as annoyed as you will be if they give you STDs. 

Make a game out of using flavored condoms. Maybe your partner can buy them, and each time they will surprise you with a different flavor. If you guess right, you’re rewarded. It will help your health in the long run if you find ways to make sex safe.

 What's next?

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