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  Gay and bisexual Veterans face increased health risks and unique challenges in accessing quality health care. There are an estimated 1 million lesbian, gay, and bisexual Veterans in the United States. Many of these Veterans may receive care at the VHA. We are working to be a national leader in health care for LGBT Veterans and assure that high-quality care is provided in a sensitive, respectful environment at VHAs nationwide. The following is a list of the top things gay and bisexual male Veterans should discuss at their VHA visits.      SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS (STIS) STIs occur in...

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Following a return from Kuwait, U.S. Marine platoon leader and founder of GUN OIL recalled soldiers using CLP liquid, that keeps firearms and other weapons clean and firing accurately, as a perfect personal lubricant when relief, better known as masturbation, was necessary to relieve stress. Knowing of CLP's long lasting properties, the founder greatly improved on this concept by changing the ingredients to a hypoallergenic, topically safe, user-friendly formula, ideally suited for heightening sexual pleasure when used for intercourse or personal use. Working closely with scientists to come up with precisely the right look and feel, this team formulated a...

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September 27 In 2008 the National Association of People with AIDS launched this observance day to recognize the disproportionate impact of the epidemic on gay men. The 2019 theme is “The conversation about HIV is changing.” National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NGMHAAD) is observed each year on September 27 to direct attention to the continuing and disproportionate impact of HIV and AIDS on gay and bisexual men in the United States. Browse our resources to learn more and find out how to get involved in observing NGMHAAD. NGMHAAD Feature HIV and Gay and Bisexual Men HIV and African...

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Condoms are an essential part of HIV prevention and an important part of gay sex for men. The age of PrEP, barebacking and chemsex have complicated things, however, condoms are still an incredibly important tool to keep you and your sexual partners safe from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). We always support and suggest safer sex, and using condoms is a large part of this. If you’re interested in finding out more about PrEP, you can read our guide here. PrEP may be an effective treatment against HIV, but there are a ton of other infections out there, so condoms are still...

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